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the power of negative prayer album cover

cheap words like happiness

So you went to private school
Memorized the protocol
Gave some nickels to the poor
Until they tore the Berlin Wall
Then your chips were all cashed in
On the bible that you read
At the Vegas Holiday Inn
The blackjack dealer said

Cheap words like happiness
Will let you down

There was nothing left to say
In the revenge of Kalamazoo
All the alligators proved to you
That all I said was true

And that’s why I’m still the king
I bring a sense of attitude/deja vu to all I do…

Who’s gonna sing you songs
When you get the V-chip blues?
Just like Nixon at the Alamo
You’ll be forced to use

the king of unrequited love
We strolled Parisian county fairs
Without regret or care
For heaven or the stars above
It’s old but ended up in shades
Crowned me king in the parade
The king of unrequited love

In Spain box-office broke the record
In London rode double-deckers
In Maine skeet-shooted doves
I’ve dined with expatriates and rebels
Who told me of the levels
Between the gods and devils
I’m the king of unrequited love

Back in Amarillo
I keep a picture by the seashells
Name is Amaretto
Smart enough to win the Nobel

Where to find the magic healing touch?
When you’re skipping double-dutch

Amaretto phone me when you land
Whether you’re in Belfast or Japan
Every telegram you send to me
I’ll go in the yard and plant a tree

Working in a steel mill
Memory is off from five to two
Scarfing down the diet pills
Less I have to feel the way I do

Do you believe in fairy tails?

All I got is coming apart at the seams
When I wake it’s all been a dream
All those things I just can’t explain
There’s no clouds but it’s starting to rain
There’s no sense in playing this game
When our intentions are one in the same
So sneak on in into my room
I’m gonna make your flowers bloom

I see you coming back to me
I dream you riding carousels
Around the setting sun

Now I might not be no Einstein
But I also ain’t no Frankenstein
I stayed with you while the water was drawn
Until all the bubbles in the bath were gone
I know we’re of different kinds
You like Flinstones, I take strychnine
You don’t say thanks when I splurge, or mourn while I dirge

I see you coming back to me
I dream you riding carousels
Mad of stick of cinnamon

I see you coming back to me
I dream you riding carousels
Shooting plastic waterguns

I can see the beauty in a chocolate chip
Now I wanna feel it through your fingertips
Nice to see you showing up for school
When all the boys can do is drool
I know sometimes that you double cross
Makes me mad like a rhinocerous
But I’m willing to waive the fine
Let the band play ragtime

I see you coming back to me
I dream you riding carousels
With buttons all undone

outliving james dean
I remember the day that I outlived James Dean
I still have to beat Rimbaud and John F. Kennedy
I was sad but I was glad
For good fortune that I had

I remember the day that I outlived James Dean
I smothered my diary with a quart of kerosene
I asked why and searched the sky
For an answer way up high

satellite technology
Louder you’re fading
A voice on a tin-can wire of love
I’m dedicating
A poem on the sonar waves above
Is it so bad you never want to come back to me?
I will find you through satellite technology

I know remorses
They send me bad karma in the mail
For shooting the horses
When the pony express was thrown in jail

Do you feel safe?
Did someone make your dreams so self-assured?
I’m writing you a song
I’ll send it with a singing bird

sirens & snakes
In the alley where the rats play
Came the finale of the screenplay
Behind the church yard far from his word
All the wild cards drink liquor

Senoritas look for paradise
In beat up Chevrolets with pairs of fuzzy dice
They want to drive far but they ain’t going nowhere
They won’t be astronauts, they won’t be millionaires

Still a dream is all it takes
To keep you from burning alive
But look out for sirens and the snakes

All the gang lords are loading pistols
Their poor mothers pray to Jesus made of crystal
In the alley the deal was going down
To see which smoking gun will wear the power crown

Two little school girls from the sixth grade
Went out for ice cream at Reggie’s old arcade
They had to rush home ’cause it was getting late
They took a shortcut and walked straight into hate
Now in the alley there’s a tombstone
A bed of flowers near a broken ice cream cone
The kids play hopscotch out on the broken pavement
Near the body chalk outline engravement

losing time
It’s time to break this spell and figure out why I ain’t feeling well
The psychics on the phone they can’t really tell
I dumped my gal last night I blamed it on voodoo and kryptonite
The sex it was OK, but I’m used to dynamite

I guess I can’t forget your lips wrapped tight around that cigarette
But I still got my pictures and videocassettes
It’s never quite the same, and in the end I always kindafeel ashamed
But I can taste you on my tongue every time I breathe your name

And I’m all into you
But it’s losing time

I’m stopping this charade before I get the notebook and the razor blade
‘Cause I can’t hide my misery with parties and parades
You’re silent in your charms like the statue in the Louvre that ain’t got no arms
The mistress of your era, a goddess from the stars

I take cabs to watch you dance with the money I was gonna use to move to France
I got bruises on my neck from the dog chains of romance
I’m on your trail like a private eye, buzzing round town like a Spanish fly
I’m the twin that makes you whole, your sexy Gemini

This ship is sinking fast
We’ll save the women and children last
Take a spaceship to the sun first class

mistaken for an angel
I was out of control
Like a Saint without a soul
When the Lord came to me
Expecting big apologies

But I told her there’s only one I owe
While my eyes were danced on by a crow

When the weather warning came in from the coast
The light house tower was ocean overdosed

I was blinded I was pale
Fingertips were numb from reading braille
Vicious rumors turned you into a cliche
And the piano keys all turned a shade of grey

You peddle flesh now but one day you were mistaken for an angel

The rooster’s crowing cock a doodle doo
At the house of Capulet and Montague
The graceful swan has taken quite a dive
Left you barely breathing, but alive

made of glass
I couldn’t find your eyes
Behind the painted mask
But then again that’s no surprise
You’re made of glass

You sweat the sunlight out
A real iconoclast
And filled the zealots all with doubt
You’re made of glass

I’ll dedicate a toast
Cause you’re a protoplast
And I hope the most that you’re the last
You’re made of glass
I burned a lot of pride

And smoked a lot of grass
But was it fun or suicide?
You’re made of glass

I needed you to know
That you’re the queen of crass
You’re making devils in the snow
You’re made of glass!

we are the meat
Life is what I do when I’m not dreaming
But that’s not too much time at all
I need to find a hobby rewarding and redeeming
But all the numbers have been called

We are the meat
We are the ones devoured
I’m not a coward, but I’m not too happy now

We all grew up under a legend’s shadow
Graffiti vomit art on fresco walls
History’s down on me I’m like a widow
Who never even saw the wedding hall

We are the meat
We will be trapped under jaws
We haven’t broken any laws
Or shot the sacred cow

untitled heartbreaker
It was there in plain black and white
So plain
The net worth of my name
Gossip spread by Visa

In the town of vicious lies
The town
I wrecked the evening gown
Drew a mustache on the Mona Lisa

It takes time to make things clear
Full of hope and fear
I’d like to know the way
To bury yesterday

gonna love you
Girls only like guys who treat them cruel
If you’re the exception that proves the rule
Give me a call on the telephone wire
And let me know if your love’s for hire

I’m gonna love you
Whatever it takes
I’m gonna love you
’til my loving breaks

I’m a veteran at this game
Want in for free just mention my name
I’ve lived through red scares and bulletbras
Now I’m making you my brand new cause

I got no reason to be here
You got no reason to stay
If you let me set up my drums I’ll play

I’m gonna hold you like you long to be held
Squeeze your breath away
If you let me buy your drugs I’ll pay

slipping through
Was I just another notch on your bedpost?
Flaming camels were burning in my head this morning
Tripping over the stem of my red rose
On the floor by the trash must be some sort of warning

Some people embrace misery
Some people just can’t see
When happiness is there you’ve got to grab it
Now you’re all alone but once you had it

Were we not in the same conversation?
Did I not tell you your life is yours mine is mine?
Still you think this is some sort of training
For a war where emotions are weapons in mind

Slipping through my fingers
Slipping through my heart
Slipping through the love we tore apart
Slipping through my doorway
Back to the unknown
Back to where we both were so alone
Slipping through my good side
Right into my noose
Revenge for all the pride that you seduced

Don’t see how you misread my intentions
But I guess it’s my luck that you’re too good to try
Thanks for putting me back in the garbage
Where I live just to lick up your whimsy like wine

Some people deny alchemy with ambiguity
They kiss you on the mouth and steal your breathing
Leave you asking why until you’re seething

venus demilo clocks
Little darling don’t cry
All your seasons will fly
I will declassify
All the documents you need
I will take you places
Show you funny faces
Under the steeplechases
Where the horses all run free

Venus De’Milo Clocks
In a Mona Lisa Lounge
No wonder you’re so confused
Waiting for the sky to fall down

I was so mistaken
Numbed my heart from breaking
All the money-raking
Couldn’t buy me a clue

Underneath the streetlights
I’ve been in the streetfights
Those were scary nights
But the sun is breaking through

My best friend was a poet
Blew his brains out in Frisco
At a Bohemian nightclub
Just outside of a steel door

He wrote hymns in an ashtray
Masterpieces in matchbooks
My eyes can’t put together
All the atoms he unhooked

I’d trade it all for a back door
Don’t need my neighbors to see me
They got their nose on the window
The shape I’m in ain’t no envy

If I was somebody different
They wouldn’t give me a second look
But my skeleton’s shaky
Kinda totally unhooked

Can’t remember the last time
I dressed up for and evening
Took a girl to a moonlit park
Where her voice was the ceiling

I find the more time binds me
Into a narrow outlook
Got nothing to say to no one
Just kinda totally unhooked

the devil rules this world
I’ve got a lot of light but right now it’s a little dim
I’ve got a lot of love but you’re giving yours to him

What did he do except be cruel I wonder as I stray
It’s true the devil rules this world it’s always been that way

They put the blindfold on me and sent me down the tracks
I longed for less confusion where magic wasn’t black

Guilty just of loving you for that I paid full price
It’s true the devil rules this world, fools call it paradise

Never sat completely still with the needle in my brain
Fought for all the gravity and truth this hurt did drain

Now I’m fighting sentimental thoughts right down the garden line
It’s true the devil rules this world from hell to Eden’s vines

take my resignation
Will someone take my resignation
I’m on the way to San Antone
I’ve been outside my skin forever
Waiting for my inner voice to phone

All my regards are bound for Texas
Where something waits for me in jail
I’ll let my scars do all the talking
And hand the deputy the bail

My thumb is out there on the highway
Haven’t seen a sign for hundred miles
Will someone tell me where I’m headed
Will someone please give me a ride