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In an alternate universe…


Guns N’ Roses officially disbands after Slash & Duff leave in the mid-nineties. The original members all go into self-imposed seclusion until 2016, when the lucrative re-union offers grow too large to ignore. Before the tour, the band hits the studio to pool all of their best ideas that have laid dormant over the last 20 years. This is that album (SPOTIFY playlist link at bottom of page)…


Some ground rules… All of the material had to come post-1996, & I included classic members only. Sorry Gilby. I wanted to include 12 songs and roughly match running time of APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION.


Every band member had to be represented somehow. As per later records, IZZY gets a showcase song with his vocal. DUFF does not, but his influence in VELVET REVOLVER is enough. As a show of good faith, I even gave the much-marginalized STEVEN ADLER pole position, his signature cowbell anchoring the appropriate lyric, “You got to fall before you rise.” That could be the mantra for the whole project.


Split into 2 sides as of vinyl as GOD (AXL) intended, the first ends with the slow burning BACK FROM CALI, & the next kicks off with the sirens of SUCKER TRAIN BLUES. The QUEEN-like THIS I LOVE ends the record on a somber note, with a tour de force vocal performance. They played it a lot on the tour, so it’s inclusion is justified. SLASH has been ripping it up on this one live.


Other than that, it’s just a rock record with some fast songs mixed with slower ones. Deep cuts mixed with sure-fire hits. What else could you want from the best hard rock line-up of all time?!!!



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