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asbd cover
born again then buried alive
Here we go again, collecting permanent bruises
And through the wind, attract the bomb diffusers
This merry’s-gone down, eclipsed the pretty sounds
Born again then buried alive
Born again then buried alive
The lepers leer as they drag me to the spotlight
They clap and cheer my bulimia and frostbite
They accept the cross just when all hope is lost
Life’s river is gin and me I’m a diving drunk
Sailed through sin, but now that boat is sunk
Live wire sticking out to start the execution
They list my flaws, reject my contributions
So sick of politics, it’s the same old parlor tricks
No more cheap words
No more singing birds
The final trumpet will soon be heard
Then it shall wipe away every last tear
I’m post apocalyptic now
Sunlight scared and drop dead gorgeous too
i am tragedy
  I let my guard come down when victory couldn’t have been more far away
But I got out somehow, been searching since for my Independence Day
And that time on the bottom comes in handy now
All the pain in this life makes me proud
My dreams are bottled up and I just want to drink them every night
But truth is so corrupt, now I’m juggling with a stick of dynamite
Was it not good fortune to be sitting at home alone?
When the war outside became full-blown
Look at me I am tragedy
Living out this bad comedy
Living out this fool’s destiny
The cheque was in the mail but the postman went berserk and burned the bag
So I turned to nightingales to lift me up and to wave my battle flag
But am I in denial or just a hostage to disease?
With a blindfold dying on my knees
I can feel the karma breathing down my neck
Like a blowtorch what did I expect
Got no expectations, I’m just out here on this road
Like a long lost western episode
I’m seeing stars through a salmonella gleam
When yesterday moved forward I was cut off at the stream
Are you surprised to see me still alive?
If I didn’t like your honey, I wouldn’t have shook your hive
Did I forget to remember to forget?
I thought that crying would help but all it did was make me wet
In the mirror, all I see is rearview eyes
Focusing on yesterday trying to rearrange the lies
Medicine has come so far, now it’s done with laser beams
And Benzedream
Somebody leave and bring back the olden days
I always thought that someday I would go out in a blaze
But now I’m here, can’t even ride a wave
My ministers trying to get me to admit that I’ve been saved
In my spine, I got a bone they call regret
I hate guitar, I’d have gone so far if I learned the clarinet
I’m getting well, with mother mercy’s touch
I tried to steal her Buick but I couldn’t reach the clutch
Everything your mother said was true, does it make you wanna scream?
only grown
I sinned from the cradle
Almost to the grave
You prayed at the table
Composing concertos on the xylophone
Did you build the pyramids?
Or did I just paint this world?
Inside of my eyelids
As we slept on the banks of Sierra Leone
I’m missing the limelight
Your tenderness brings
I realize this dark night
My love for you has only grown
Angels in chains
Forty nights of rain are all the same
You didn’t have to sympathize with my lies
By the weeping willow
At the edge of my bed
My heads on my pillow
Filming a scene in the forbidden zone
I needed your blessing
To dream it complete
But since you’ve been missing
My love for you has only grown
sixteen years
The clown has got a bloodstain, still everything’s a joke
How come I never feel the fire behind the smoke?
It’s like I want the tent to come down
So I can shout into the rain as it comes down
Sixteen years and I still got nothing to say to you
Sixteen years and all I wanna do is still fight
I grew some nasty habits, let go of just a few
You need some real excitement when repetition sticks like glue
The house is still a mess, but I ain’t got no company
Just infomercials on to tell me what I need
The ghosts you left to haunt me have all ended up dead
There was a shoot-out in the carnival inside my head
I even killed your mailman for delivering you junk mail
And wrote sonjatas for you with my leisure time in jail
Destroyed me with a secret
Took years to recognize me now, and how
We went to extra innings and you knocked one from the park
I saw you running fast and disappear into the dark
So why did you come back? Did you miss my sympathy?
Or did you plan to steal back my heart in a shoplifting spree?
16 years and all I’m left with is still spite?
just can’t keep from crying
I just can’t keep from crying sometimes
I just can’t keep from crying sometimes
When my world is filled with sorrow and my eyes filled with tears
I just can’t keep from crying sometimes
It was me who found the body, bloody sheets in bed
Best friend and lover, bullet in the head
Fell down on my praying ground like a broken valentine
Now I just can’t keep from crying sometimes
Police they found a shotgun behind my favorite bar
And they found a bloodstain in the front seat of my car
I told them I didn’t do it, but they thought that I was lying
Now I just can’t keep from crying sometimes
Radio she gave me playing some ancient tune
Re-reading the front page of my hometown’s old tribune
I wish that I could burn it, move back into the
wasteland kiss
The sympathy of Abel, the fire of Cain
My smoky eyes lead trails to a faintly burning flame
Just standing at the sidelines while pretenders play the game
How did it come to this?
Wasteland kiss
You’re younger when you realize, the devil makes the deal
The singer on the radio has to tell me how to feel
Took thin air and illusions and turned it into steel
But it’s like I don’t exist,
Wasteland kiss
I fall into a tailspin with every woman’s touch
Opening my mouth now is like leaning on a crutch
I’d trade what others cherish for what I need so much
A meaningless tryst
Wasteland kiss
I’m headed to the light now to set up for the show
When the paint is drying is as close to peace as I know
Your heart is like a map room, so show me where to go
To get up from the abyss
Wasteland kiss
we never kiss anymore
Revelations come to me at traffic lights
We’re in the red, I’m not that bright
Shot the past, studied frame by frame
To find a turning point to lay the blame
When yesterday moved beyond the mirror
I put a bid in to the auctioneer
From which perspective does your truth most come?
Do I need diagrams or sailors rum?
The truth will hurt less if I sing
Pretend I’m a real troubadour
Drown it in Singapore slings
We never kiss anymore
You want a man, but I’m a machine
Living through disco balls and thorazine
Nothing to me that’s concrete
Except where art and misery meet
How did my arithmetic get so undone?
It used to be one plus one was one
But all the metaphysics we defied
Are the same laws now under which we’re tried
I’ve got to put my heart back on my sleeve
If I could just pick it up off the floor
This night is a baby, don’t leave
We never kiss anymore
Show me an angel’s face and I’ll paint it
That’s all I ever really asked of you
Crossing sentimental wires seemed to taint it
Now the fire’s too far to re-light the fuse
I’ve got to put the truth back on my sleeve
I’ve got to drown like a real troubadour
This hurt is a baby, don’t leave
We never kiss anymore
we won’t die!
We’ve taken so many hits over so many years
Spilled as much bad blood as bitter tears
Sticking together like superhuman glue
Smarter than a martyr, better looking too
Packed a lot of bullets on a suicide trip
Talked on pins and needles and my tongue it slipped
Some said that we were junk, tried to punch the drunk
Blew me a kiss with a fist
We won’t die
Still hard on the boulevard
We won’t die
Play our cards close to the lie
We won’t die
Sometimes I think I’ll end up in a padded cell
Pennyless and thirsty in a sober hell
Chiseled, stoned, grizzled, alone
Depressed but still well dressed
Dangerous times call for dangerous crimes
Hypocrite split my lip, stripped and whipped
This bare knuckle shuffle got my feathers all ruffled
But my battleship still won’t tip
i’m your superman
You are my fantasy but is it never, ever meant to be?
I got a secret identity
I am your superman, can’t you see?
Waiting for the day to break
For another chance I’ll never take
This disinterest that I try to fake
To another lonely day I’ll wake
I can tell you’ve been out with the wrong kind of guy
I can’t wait to pilot your friendly sky
I’m like a matador trying to dodge this crush galore
Don’t go locking your bedroom door
I’ll be rowing this boat ashore
If you can hear these words give a little sign
A cute wink, or maybe press your wet lips against mine
We’ve been friends but now that time has passed
The final nail’s been driven in at last
I dream about you every night on my lovesick satellite
How your silhouette invades the light
I got to say that’s quite a sight
personal questions
Please stop asking me these personal questions
I got nothing left to say from places down below
Please stop asking me these personal questions
Disowned this heart long ago
If you keep asking me these personal questions
Gonna hop a jet plane to South America
Throw my baggage in the rain forest
Burn everything that I ever saw
Gotta keep it hid away
Buried deep inside of a rhapsody
Gotta keep it hid away
Someplace they can never see
Sits so bitter in my stomach
Lies like poison on my tongue
So quit asking me these personal questions
Got too much building up without you throwing bones
Please stop asking me these personal questions
I’ll tell you everything that I know
keep your gunpowder dry
Sheriff Abram waited on the front porch because he thought that Zeke was lying
Zeke got his uzi out and lit the torch, now the sheriff’s on the sidewalk dying
The retribution of the boys in blue is getting louder in the sirens sigh
Threw on my cammo, brought the ammo out, today’s as good as any day to die
Keep your gunpowder dry
Keep your enemies dear
Raise your rifle high
Blow your conscience clear
Don’t believe a word I say
This time I’m being sincere
Something’s funny about the way Zeke looks, it’s like a see a part of him exploding
Got no time for psycho-babble now, we’ve got an arsenal that needs re-loading
If I had one wish, I’d blow out the stars and give our cover just a little more darkness
Mr. Moon is bright tonight with a shit-eating grin, mother nature can be god damn heartless
Grew up dirt poor in a backwards town, gravely ill and depressed
Survived on sewage while rich folks dogs drank toilet water that a priest had blessed
Still have those visions of daddy enslaved, and mama being raped by sadness
There’s nothing worse for a kid to go through than seeing his parents descend into madness
There’s a comet dragging across the sky, maybe I’ll hitch a ride to Alabama
Take the bus out to a Montgomery grave, the one I promised I’d see to my grandma
How did things here ever get so bleak, even rock n’ roll has been overturned
Kids kill each other for a pack of lies, while an effigy of Big Bird burns
Got married young like they said I should, put away silly dreams and tried to settle down
Got drafted overseas until friendly fire blew my top, now I walk around with this metal sound
Things were swell until the V.A. dried, had a funny feeling we were doomed to failure
Spent so much money when disabled Jenny was born, the bank came and re-possessed the trailer
Haven’t seen the kids in almost 20 years, they must be older, I know I am
Do all my shopping from a catalogue of hurt, courtesy of Uncle Sam
My wallet’s empty except for a family picture that was taken right before the storm
I rub my eyes before every time I look, but I swear my wife is growing devil horns
So I developed this kind of unifield theory on haywire and why things are always going wrong
Seems someone put cyanide capsules in the apple pie from about the 1950’s on
Flying saucers landing, dead presidents standing, terrorists demanding,pharmaceuticals designed to make us hollow
There’s a shadow casting far and wide and it’s you next that it’s gonna swallow
So I don’t drink water that ain’t been boiled first, and I never touch the telephone
Saw 666 typed straight across the top of my one and only credit loan
Disaffected, rejected, infected with a rage that I can’t stifle
Read the bible now wearing a bullet-proof vest, through the scope of a hunting rifle
I met Zeke at the imploding point when the divorce was almost finalized
He said the future was a coming plague, an apocalypse in disguise
He twisted scripture like pretzel dough, until it seemed like he was singing my song
We got a compound for the chosen two, where Charlton Heston movies play through the dawn
Brings me back here to the end of times, this whole record is about to expire
A bullhorn’s voice shouts, “you’re gonna fry in the oven of a holy hell-fire!”
I’ve failed at everything I ever did, and even everything I didn’t do
At least I’ll be outside of Heaven’s Gate for the final turning of the screw..

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