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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Now a solo artist, Marq DeSouza’s best known previous project is ‘Solarbaby’. That group released 2 successful albums. Both were nominated for the prestigious Georgia Straight Music Awards, as well as placing high on the national college charts. The band was also taped ‘in-session’ for CBC radio, appeared on the MuchWest program, & did the festival circuit, with Marq invited for multiple appearances at the Bluebird North Showcase, in conjunction with the Canadian Songwriters Association.In his various incarnations, Marq has shared bills with such artists as Sir Bob Geldof, Sarah Harmer, Drive By Truckers, Ben Kweller, Martina Sorbara, Joel Plaskett, Matthew Good & Nickelback.Sir Bob Geldof sought Marq out backstage at their co-bill at the legendary Commodore Ballroom to tell him he was reminded of a ‘young Van Morrison’, and Canadian rock icon Todd Kerns has called Marq his favorite Canadian songwriter, & ‘Canada’s Bob Dylan.’

Check music from the whole catalogue on Bandcamp, watch the embedded EPK video on YouTube, & read the extended Press section on the official site…
-selected press quotes-
-A very personal rock album. He also writes from a very moral perspective, which gives his record a strong POV. These songs are not filled with empty thoughts but actually try to say something. (Vancouver Province)
-Inspiration drips from every distorted and bent guitar note, down-but-not-out vocal phrasing, and sneered lyric. (Georgia Straight)
-Way smarter than average take on the singer-songwriter thing, and ear for what made rock classic. (The Nerve)-Gritty, intelligent rock songs Wilco & Bob Dylan fans will appreciate. (Vancouver Courier)
-Think Steve Earle with the needle still in his arm. (Discorder)

-A lotus land Springsteen
with the bite of a pitbull. His music is radio-friendly, thinking mans driving rock. (Lethbridge Herald